Rafting -Bhotekoshi

1 Day

Trip Info

  • Hotel/Lodges
  • Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November)
  • Guided
  • English
  • Available
  • Bus,Taxi

Trip Info

  • Hotel/Lodges
  • Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November)
  • Guided
  • English
  • Available
  • Bus,Taxi


Nestled within the Himalayan terrain of Nepal, the Bhote Koshi River beckons adventure enthusiasts with its thrilling rapids and scenic grandeur. Originating from the Tibetan plateau, this river is renowned for its challenging rapids, providing an adrenaline-fueled experience for those seeking an intense whitewater adventure. The journey down the Bhote Koshi promises not only the rush of navigating through rapids with names like “Frog in a Blender” but also unfolds against a backdrop of lush forests, terraced fields, and majestic Himalayan peaks.

What sets the Bhote Koshi River apart is its accessibility, drawing adventure seekers from Kathmandu and beyond. Conveniently situated near the Tibetan border, it offers a dynamic day trip or serves as a thrilling segment in longer rafting adventures. The technical challenge presented by the river’s rapids adds to its allure, creating an environment where both beginners and experienced rafters can test their skills and work together to navigate the twists and turns of the river.

Beyond the rapids and technical prowess, Bhote Koshi River Rafting provides a cultural dimension. The journey includes encounters with local communities along the riverbanks, providing a glimpse into the daily life and traditions of those residing in the picturesque river valley. For those seeking a harmonious blend of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural exploration, the Bhote Koshi River Rafting experience stands as a thrilling testament to the diversity of Nepal’s offerings.


  • Experience the thrill of navigating challenging rapids
  • Immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas
  • Confront the technical challenge of the river's rapids
  • Engage with local communities along the riverbanks
  • Enjoy the convenience of easy accessibility from Kathmandu


1. Morning:
7:00 AM: Depart from Kathmandu.
9:30 AM: Arrive at the Bhote Koshi River put-in point.
10:00 AM: Safety briefing and rafting instructions.

2. Afternoon:
12:00 PM: Begin thrilling rafting adventure through challenging rapids.
1:30 PM: Pause for a riverside picnic lunch.

3. Evening:
3:00 PM: Continue rafting, navigating technical sections.
4:30 PM: Reach the take-out point, conclude the rafting journey.
5:30 PM: Depart for Kathmandu.


Cost Includes

  • Airport/Hotel pickup and drop off-service (by car)
  • Entry fees
  • Accommodation (private)
  • Transportation (car)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Professional English speaking Guide
  • Taxes and Fees: Applicable taxes and government fees.

Cost Excludes

  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa Fees
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenses


Is prior rafting experience necessary for the Bhote Koshi day trip?

No previous rafting experience is required. The day trip is designed for both beginners and those with varying levels of rafting expertise.

What is the level of difficulty of the rapids on the Bhote Koshi River?

The Bhote Koshi features challenging rapids suitable for adventurous individuals. Guides provide necessary instructions to navigate these technical sections.

Are safety measures in place, and what equipment is provided?

Yes, professional rafting operators ensure safety with experienced guides and provide all necessary equipment, including life jackets and helmets, ensuring a secure rafting experience.

What should participants bring for the day trip?

Recommended items include swimwear, a change of clothes, sunscreen, water shoes, and a sense of adventure. It’s advisable not to bring valuables.

Is transportation included in the day trip package?

Yes, most day trip packages include round-trip transportation from Kathmandu, making the Bhote Koshi River Rafting experience convenient and accessible.

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