Pashupatinath, Chandragiri, Manakamana and Muktinath Tour

7 Days

Trip Info

  • Hotel/Lodges
  • Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November)
  • Guided
  • English
  • Available
  • Bus,Taxi

Trip Info

  • Hotel/Lodges
  • Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November)
  • Guided
  • English
  • Available
  • Bus,Taxi


Embarking on this tour promises a multifaceted exploration of Nepal’s spiritual and natural wonders. Pashupatinath, a revered Hindu temple in Kathmandu, offers a profound cultural experience with its ancient architecture and the spiritually significant Bagmati River. Moving to Chandragiri, the cable car journey to its summit reveals breathtaking panoramas of the Kathmandu Valley and the majestic Himalayan range, providing a serene escape and an opportunity for spiritual reflection at the Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple.

The next leg of the journey takes you to Manakamana, accessible by a scenic cable car ride. This sacred site dedicated to Goddess Bhagwati offers not only blessings but also mesmerizing views of the Trishuli River and the surrounding hills. Finally, the tour reaches Muktinath, a high-altitude pilgrimage site in the Annapurna region. Home to the Muktinath Temple, it draws both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims, offering a unique blend of spiritual serenity amidst diverse landscapes, including the iconic Kali Gandaki gorge.

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  • Immerse yourself in the sacred ambiance of Pashupatinath
  • Ascend Chandragiri Hills via a scenic cable car ride
  • Embark on a scenic cable car journey to Manakamana
  • Experience the unique cultural blend at Muktinath
  • Explore the diverse landscapes surrounding Muktinath


Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to your accommodation.
Rest and acclimatize to the local surroundings.

Morning visit to Pashupatinath Temple for spiritual reflections.
Afternoon exploration of Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Cable car ride to Chandragiri Hills.
Enjoy panoramic views, visit Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple, and explore the area.

Drive to Kurintar and take the cable car to Manakamana Temple.
Explore the temple and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Drive to Muktinath in the Annapurna region, enjoying diverse landscapes.
Visit the sacred Muktinath Temple and explore the surrounding area.

Explore the unique cultural and natural attractions around Muktinath.
Optional activities include a visit to the Kali Gandaki gorge.

Drive back to Kathmandu.
Depending on the time of your departure, explore additional sights or do some last-minute shopping before departing.


Cost Includes

  • Airport/Hotel pickup and drop off-service (by car)
  • Entry fees
  • Accommodation (private)
  • Transportation (car)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Professional English speaking Guide
  • Taxes and Fees: Applicable taxes and government fees.

Cost Excludes

  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa Fees
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Personal Expenses


Is the tour suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels?

Yes, the tour is designed to be accessible for individuals of varying ages and fitness levels. However, certain activities like the cable car rides involve mild physical exertion.

What is the best time of the year to undertake this tour?

The ideal time is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is pleasant, and skies are clear for optimal views of the landscapes and mountains.

Are there vegetarian or special dietary options available during the tour?

Yes, there are typically vegetarian and other dietary options available. It’s advisable to inform tour operators in advance about any specific dietary requirements.

How long are the cable car rides to Chandragiri and Manakamana?

The cable car ride to Chandragiri takes approximately 15-20 minutes, while the ride to Manakamana takes around 10-15 minutes, providing scenic views during the ascent.

What should be included in the packing list for this tour?

Recommended items include comfortable clothing, suitable footwear, sunscreen, a hat, a reusable water bottle, a camera, and any necessary medications. Warm clothing is advisable, especially for higher altitudes.

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